Liver Support Herbal Tincture

  • Contains a blend of extra strength Herbal Medicines scientifically proven to protect the liver cells and increase detoxification capability.

  • May minimise symptoms of indigestion such as gas, bloating and sluggish digestion.

  • Essential for dogs and cats that are taking daily medications, flea and tick medications or have kidney or bowel insufficiency.

100% Natural Ingredients

No Nasty Side Effects

No added colours, fillers or artificial flavours

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Lasts a 20kg dog 50 days

Lasts 5kg Cat 200 days!!

What's in The Liver Support that makes it work

All of our Herbals are Australian Made and Tested for Quality and Purity

All of our Herbal Blends are designed with core healing in mind. Natural Pet Supplements Formulas are Herbal blends that are backed by Science, and are proven safe in Dogs and Cats. The Glycerine base and Bacon Flavour also make them easy to administer....even to fussy dogs and cats! No lawn clipping flavour here! Just mix into their food or drop into a treat like peanut butter or soft cheese.

  • Premium Australian Human Grade Herbs

  • Allergen-Free, Vegan Bacon Flavour

  • No additives, preservatives, fillers or colours

  • Formulated by a Small Animal Naturopath

  • Australian Made & Owned



High strength low dose herbal formulas formulated by a small animal naturopath. Contains herbs to support the liver with detoxification and sluggish digestion, the herbs are well researched and proven effective in Dogs and Cats. Essential for Dogs and Cats needing more Liver Support such as;

When taking medications such as steroids or anti-inflammatories

Regular use of flea and tick medications

Eating processed foods, such as biscuits and canned food

When there is kidney or bowel insufficiency.

Promotes healthy liver function, and may help to improve digestion. Delicious Bacon Flavour.

To see how long a bottle will last your pet, enter their weight in the calculator in the dosage tab below


Active Ingredients per 20 drops (1ml): St Mary's Thistle Seed and Fruit (Silybum marianum), Dandelion Root (Taraxacum officinale). All herbs are premium quality and tested for purity.

Inactive ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine, Natural Bacon Flavouring (Tomato, Sweet Smoked Paprika, Nutritional Yeast, Himalayan Salt)(Vegan, Vegetarian derived, Contains no protein). ALCOHOL FREE PREPARATION


Caution use with blood thinning or anti-convulsant medications. Do not administer prior to anaesthesia. Do not use with gall bladder inflammation. Caution use in diabetic animals.

Warnings: For animal use only (Dogs & Cats). Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


DOSAGE (SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE): Dose twice daily. Give one drop for every 1kg (2lb) of body weight up to 25kg (50lb), add one drop per additional 2kg (4lb). Does not need refrigeration. Contains calibrated dropper: 0.5ml = 10 drops. Mix into food or drop into side of mouth. 

Use calculator below to work out dosage and how long one bottle will last. Enter weight in kg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Colleen Daniels
Cushings Kits

You guys are amazing! The support and care is beyond what I could have ever expected, thank you. Gizmo is excited to start his cushings kit. A special thank you to Erin, much appreciated.

Marina Santineer
Liver Tonic

Been using liver tonic for a Month. My Poodle seems to p be more active less lethargic. I'm hoping in time it will have a more positive effect. But he doesn't like the taste. Even my best attempts to disguse it doesn't fool him.

Andrew Love
Best thing ever

Almost 12months of my dog not keeping down food, spontaneous vomiting, normally on an empty stomach, which we found odd. We were told to put him on a very limited diet, and highly processed “single protein” diet as recommended by our vet for the rest of his life. After months of trying to narrow down his bodily functions that could be causing this vomiting, we ended up at his liver function, so we figured we would give this a go. With in 2 bottles of liver support over a couple months, he was back to normal. We now give him a complete diet. Raw meat, veg, soft food, dry food. His finally putting on weight and looking 100x better.! Thanks so much!

Noeleen Ottaviano
My 3rd order

My toy snauzer has been so well on the herbals. I am convinced as he has not had to go to the vet for over 10 months. He has an immunity disorder and other problems associated. Very happy with the products.

Raveen Mendis
It works

My dogs have been on this Liver Support product for a couple of months and their liver parameters have improved. Highly recommend it.

Thanks for being such a great customer Raveen, we are so happy that your dogs are having such a good improvement on the liver support.

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Your Questions, Answered

email naturalpetsupplements@outlook.com or call 0450614 489 

Is the Liver Support Safe For My Dog Or Cat, Even If They Are On Pharmaceutical Medications?

Yes! Safety is of the upmost importance to us at Natural Pet Supplements. The herbs chosen are specifically chosen because of safety and effectiveness in animals.

Caution use with blood thinning or anti-convulsant medications. Do not administer prior to anaesthesia. Do not use with gall bladder inflammation. Caution use in diabetic animals. 


Do not exceed recommended dosage for weight, unless advised. For best practice all herbal formulas should be discontinued 2 weeks prior to surgery. If you have any queries about safety, drug/herb interactions, please contact us and we will back to you ASAP.

How long until I see results with the Liver Support?

That depends, There are many factors that influence how quickly you will see results. Such as severity of condition, immune status, diet, stress levels, age, breed etc.

You may notice symptoms of improvement within a week to a month, improvements in blood liver results will take at least 8 weeks of administration.

As herbal medicine is aimed at fixing the root cause of the illness instead of just negating symptoms, it is not instant. Patience is key, but if you aren't seeing results after 12 weeks, please contact us and we can reformulate the medicine to suit your pets individual needs, or you may have to increase the dosage. INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY.

What If My Dog Or Cat Doesn't Like The Taste?

Our herbal formulas are flavoured with a smoky bacon taste, and 98% of herbs are in a glycerine base, but the pungency of some herbs may still be present. Mixed into food is the easiest way for most pets, if not you can squeeze into the side of their mouth or mix into a treat like peanut butter, ricotta cheese etc. 

Persistence is the key, you can always try to work up to the recommended dosage over a week or so.

How long will my order take to get delivered?

We use Australia Post. Packages sent in Mainland Australia are all sent express post. It could take from 2-8 working days. We ship worldwide and use an express service for this. It can take from 5-20 working days, depending on what part of the world you are in. For further information please refer to our shipping policy in the footer menu. If you want your package left at your house, please put in the notes, so the postie can leave it there.

IMPORTANT: Any customs or import duties are charged once the order reaches its destination country and must be paid by the recipient of the order.

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