I've always had dogs and cats, I trained as a Naturopath (for humans). Whilst working I constantly had people coming in and asking for herbal medicine for their pets health issues. I then studied 3 more years in Small Animal Naturopathy.

I saw that there was a huge need for all natural, effective, safe, herbal and nutritional supplements for Dogs and Cats. I hand make every product and only use absolute premium ingredients. All of the products I make are tasty and have a beef or bacon flavour. This makes administration easy for the owners and stress free for the animals. I am very passionate about Dogs and Cats health, it can be helped so much with herbal medicine and nutrition.

There is nothing better than seeing improvements in the health and quality of life of dogs and cats, it's also wonderful to see the relief and joy that owners get from their improvements too, I really do have the best job in the World!

Erin Follington

Small Animal Naturopath & Founder of Natural Pet Supplements