Why is natural pet supplements probiotic gut support great for dogs and Cats?

Why is natural pet supplements probiotic gut support great for dogs and Cats?

Why is natural pet supplements probiotic gut support great for dogs and Cats?

Because it contains beneficial probiotics that help support digestive health and boost the immune system. This can lead to improved overall health and vitality for your furry friend. All of the probiotics are Animal Specific, with added prebiotics which feed the probiotics and create an ideal environment for 'good bacteria' to thrive.

Reasons your pet may need Natural Pet Supplements Probiotic Gut Support

  1. Digestive issues: If your pet is experiencing digestive issues such as diarrhea, constipation, or vomiting, probiotics can help restore balance to their gut flora.
  2. Allergies: Pets with allergies may benefit from probiotic supplements as they can help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.
  3. Antibiotic use: Antibiotics can wipe out the good bacteria in your pet's gut, leaving them susceptible to infections and digestive issues. Probiotic supplements can help replenish these beneficial bacteria.
  4. Stress: Stress can disrupt the balance of bacteria in your pet's gut, leading to digestive issues. Probiotics can help restore balance and relieve stress-related symptoms.

Overall, natural pet supplements that support probiotic gut health can help improve your pet's overall health and well-being.

what is special about natural pet supplements Probiotic Gut Support

What really sets this formula apart is that it contains co-factors to ensure proper break down of food and absorption of nutrients. Which after all is the reason that we need to gut to function optimally. So that the nutrients from their food can be taken up by the body, converted to energy and utilised by the immune system to prevent illness and disease.

It contains food based supplements instead of synthetic

The addition of pure papaya fruit powder ensures that a food based source of digestive enzymes is present. Most formulas contain a processed form of the enzymes taken from papaya (papain). When you do this you miss out on the co-factors and potent array of vitamins and antioxidants contained in the whole fruit. Lets face it, dogs and cats are fed enough processed food, so we took the opportunity to supplement them with a superfood such as papaya in its natural tasty form. Papain helps to break down foods, so they can be absorbed properly by the gut.

It costs a lot more to put the pure papaya powder in, but your pets body knows innately how to break down food and use it. Single processed, or synthetic nutrients, like what are found in most formulas, are not always so easily assimilated by your pets gut. Being mainly carnivorous, they have a shorter digestive tract, so the breaking down of food needs to happen quicker.

why is colostrum beneficial for dog and cats digestive health

Colostrum is beneficial for dog and cat digestive health because it contains antibodies and growth factors that help support their immune system and promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria. It can also help reduce inflammation and improve nutrient absorption in their digestive tract. It is also integral in managing and preventing food and environmental allergies.

Why is there Beef Powder and Bone Broth Powder in there?

There is a very good reason that we decided to put the beef powder and bone broth in. It is most certainly not a filler! We don't use fillers at Natural Pet Supplements. These premium human grade powders are not cheap. The bone broth powder is very high in gut soothing nutrients which help to repair the gut lining, whilst providing a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals. Bone broth tastes amazing to your pet too!

Damage to the gut lining is often responsible for a host of health conditions such as allergies, chronic inflammation and yeast infections. So a daily dose of bone broth powder is a natural way to add in a daily dose of preventative nutrition.

The Beef powder is added to increase palatability, not that probiotic gut support powder has a strong or unpleasant taste, but we want to bring joy to the bowl. We know that if your pet doesn't like the taste they might not eat their food. We don't want any Pet owners having to throw good food out because their pet doesn't like the supplement in it.

Probiotic Gut Support doesn't work in the container, it works in your pets gut, so we are determined to get it in there easily, even the fussiest of creatures....Cats and small dogs. So we made sure that it tastes irresistible to them.

Your Dog or Cat may need Natural Pet Supplements Probiotic Gut Support to:

  • 🐶🐱 Helps maintain a healthy digestive system
  • 💩 Promotes regular bowel movements and reduces indigestion
  • 🌿 Enhances nutrient absorption from food
  • 🥩 Supports healthy appetite and weight management
  • 🌞 Boosts immune system functioning
  • ❤️ Improves overall health and well-being
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