When your dog can't stop coughing!

When your dog can't stop coughing!

Kennel Cough and Upper Respiratory Infection in Dogs and Cats

A cough can be a sign of something very mild or serious in your pet. Coughing is something that should be investigated by a Vet to make sure it’s not serious. Coughing can be a sign of heart failure, pneumonia, canine distemper or influenza.

But often it is kennel cough, called kennel cough because its highly contagious in environments like kennels, dog parks and shelters. It’s transmitted by droplets and body secretions, it has a characteristic choking, honking style cough followed by gagging. Which can be an alarming sound if you haven’t heard it before. Kennel Cough can be easily prevented and treated successfully with herbal medicine. I formulated the Throat and Lung Support to a treat a range of stubborn upper respiratory infections like kennel cough.

Dogs usually clear up a kennel cough infection using the Throat and Lung Support with a week or so. Animals that are eight years plus, puppies and immune compromised dogs can suffer from complications from kennel cough. What starts as kennel cough if not treated properly or quickly enough in this susceptible group, can turn into secondary infections may be life threatening.

Coughs can be caused or exaggerated by leash strain, this is when a dog pulls on a collar while walking. This causes a choking and honking sound from compression of the trachea. Leash strain can cause an irritating cough as the throat tries to repair. If your dog does this regularly, a face collar or harness is a much better idea as pulling on the leash too much can cause permanent damage to the throat and neck. (See recommended businesses down below for quality harness and leash recommendations).

Throat and Lung Support contains herbs to increase the immune system, soothe the throat, reduce coughing as well as powerful antibacterial action. It will help to treat the following

  1. Kennel Cough
  2. Leash Strain
  3. Upper Respiratory Infection
  4. Poor Lung health


During the recovery phase a lot of rest and fluids will help your dog recover quickly. Also excellent nutrition is very important, I always suggest a raw species appropriate diet such as the ‘BARF’ diet to optimise immune health which prevents future infections.

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