As a small Animal Naturopath, I’d say the number one thing I get asked about daily (apart from skin allergy issues) is how to ease arthritis symptoms in pets. My Labrador cross Taco has suffered from severe arthritis in his hind legs and hips since four years of age. He had a cruciate ligament surgery on both his rear legs, which further deteriorated his joints. This drove me to delve even deeper into researching the benefits of herbal and nutritional supplements that are effective, proven and safe for dogs and cats. There is a lot of information available on what is most successful in the natural arena. There are many dog joint supplements on the market with a huge variance in quality, effectiveness and price. The average person may not know what is the most effective and good value for money, that's why I created my own line, so I could give people the best quality and most effective  products on the market. 

Lifestyle factors that can positively influence arthritis in dogs

Weight: A reduction of even 6% of total weight is enough to reduce the load on the joints to make a positive difference with arthritis symptoms. Overweight dogs wear out their joints quicker as it adds more strain on the cartilage and joint structure. Keeping your pet at a healthy weight is essential to reducing accelerated degeneration of the joints and can reduce pain and discomfort. You should be able to feel their back two ribs easily.

Diet: A Raw, species appropriate diet is the best diet for dogs and cats with arthritis. Species appropriate diets are low in inflammation and high in bio available nutrients. A natural diet is essential in creating the ideal inner environment for arthritic changes to be slowed down.

Exercise and Environment: Excessive exercise definitely contributes to wear and tear of the joints. Running after balls, fence running, stairs, jumping out of cars, sudden stopping and running too much are the main culprits. Restricting these activities is essential for prevention of arthritis and furthering damage to already affected joints.

Why Natural Pet Supplements Superfood Gravy Joint Support can help your Dog and Cats Arthritis,

There was a lack of supplements out there that had the combination of ingredients I knew would help my patients, so I made them myself and Natural Pet Supplements was created! I wanted to create something that was full of Superfoods, 9 in fact! All of which are crammed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Adequate nutrition creates a prime environment to maintain the joints and reduce painful arthritis symptoms.


Superfood Gravy Joint Support contains Glucosamine & MSM also, which contribute to the building blocks of every joint in the body. The herbs added are proven to reduce inflammation, pain and swelling and are specific to the pain associated with osteoarthritis. Gravy is meant to taste good, so it’s in a pure beef powder base to make dosage easy and genuinely tasty!


Why Natural Pet Supplements Joint Support Herbal Tincture can help your Dog and Cats Arthritis

Herbal medicines aim is to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself and support optimal functioning. I am a passionate small animal herbalist because I have seen and know how effective herbs are in every area of health. The Joint Support herbal tincture for dogs and cats is high strength and low dose. It is specific for moderate to advanced arthritis in dogs and cats.  I combine herbs that are anti-inflammatory, increase circulation, lower pain and eliminate excess fluid around the joints. All of the herbs are well researched for effectiveness in dogs and cats. 

They can be safely combined with pharmaceutical medications to get the best results possible for your pet’s wellbeing. Long term pharmaceutical medications designed for pain relief and anti-inflammatory action can have dangerous side effects for the kidneys and liver in animals, so utilising a natural approach is ideal for longevity as there is no side effects, it can also be less expensive than long term pharmaceuticals.


It is essential to monitor, modify and maintain treatment, whether it is natural or a combination of natural and pharmaceutical. Arthritis is a progressive disease, so it will only get worse with time, not better, so supporting the body’s ability to slow the progression and minimise painful symptoms is essential. Natural Pet Supplements is here to help all of your pets needs naturally.